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Work work work work work AND school work!

2010-01-13 22:06:15 by Etox

Hey you! You there!
So mabey you liked the demo, yes no? Anywho that might be the only song i finish for quiet a while BECAUSE of....... my laptop. I'm working on a great trance song but its SO great that my computer can't handle the pads and strings and such. So for now I'm going to finish the song you heard a demo of, a colab with DanceNation, and another original song. Once I get a better computer, the song that is too rough on my computer is what I will finish first.

Then on top of all this I have school work! LOTS! So I don't get much time for music but everytime i get a chance I work on a little of somthing.

Anyway, don't worry I'm bringing new stuff soon so keep your eye out!



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