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Massive project/colab anyone?

2010-02-19 17:21:41 by Etox

Basic Info

I want to get a bunch of artists, nobody how popular or unpopular you are, to work with me on a massive project. Sure sure there does happen to be ONE requirement, you have to be using Fruity Loops Studio. I dont care what edition as long as it can open flp. files, im fine. Now you know that the demo song (right here if you havnt heard it yet) is under the genre dance. That is the prominent genre and it will stay mostly dance HOWEVER i do not want only dance music in this project! I want trance, progressive trance, metal, miscellaneous, orchestral, drum and bass, even some jazz or funk! I want ALL genres in this project! Of course i will have the final edit of the song so I will change things around but know that everything you send me at will be edited before being placed in the colab BUT it WILL be in the colab.

Oh by the way,
I will update this post daily so check back often.
Continue reading below for more information.

Helpful Tips

Get Windows Live or more commonly known as MSN if you dont already have it.
Why? Because its more than likely i will want all the contributing artists to be able to talk to each other in one group some time during production and its easier to talk to the other artists that way.

Get winRAR.
Why? Because most of you wont have all the samples and whatnot used in the song so we send the zip file to each other so that you get all the stuff with it.

Ask questions!
Why? Becuase its smart


Why am i doing this? Because i think it would sound cool and be fun.

Is this a contest of some sort? Nope, im doin this all just for fun and its totally up to you to help or not.

Is this some sort of major NG event? No and i hope the moderators dont think so because they would get all pissy.

I dont have the VSTs OR samples your using! What do i do now? Now, there are three solutions to this. You can:
A-Get the VSTs AND the samples (recommended)
B- Get the VSTs but NOT the samples and have the other artists send you versions of the song through a zipped file
C- Dont get any of the VSTs or samples and just try your best to work with what you have (WARNING: If you do it this way it is likely that your version will be dramaticly changed for the final edition)

Current artists that have contributed or are currently contributing:


Current Status As of 3:41PM east time

Work continues to be making no progress, im considering closing the colab.


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2010-02-20 12:31:00

hi :)

Etox responds:

lol hi


2010-02-20 15:18:12

sure i would be interested in it!
i have always wanted another person to make music with or master my works

email me at

Etox responds:

alright well i recoment you make a windows live because it will be much easier to talk to you as im making the final edition but other than that cant wait to work with you


2010-02-20 17:19:20

SUre I'm game. Saxophone or trumpet here.

Etox responds:

well you need to have some way to record your self playing whatever instrument you choose but sense it dosnt sound like your using FL you need to make your little section fit well with the demo i posted