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Another new name!

2010-12-19 21:17:29 by Etox



i promise, this is my last new name!


2010-05-02 10:25:53 by Etox


Well, my new name is Arrow but that is already taken on ng so my account on here is DJArrow as well as my new msn which is

NEXUS... 2!

Well as you know i couldnt get nexus working...... so i got nexus 2! yay!

Well my first new demo is just a more progressed version of my Above Clouds demo but i changed some stuff and the name so i uploaded it on me new account too.

Go check it out! (... click here ...)

anyway, bye forever!


2010-04-17 22:28:49 by Etox

Alright, there are LOTS of things to tell you.

First of all, no more songs for a LOOONG time. I just restored my computer and for some reason nexus dosnt work anymore so im gonna be working on fixing that. untill i do no more music unless i suddenly become a master of 3x osc.

second no more colab. it never made anymore progress and without nexus its impossible

third, im changing my name sooo yea. ill get back to ya on that one.

... that really wasnt all that many things...

anyway, keep listening to my music!

Massive project/colab anyone?

2010-02-19 17:21:41 by Etox

Basic Info

I want to get a bunch of artists, nobody how popular or unpopular you are, to work with me on a massive project. Sure sure there does happen to be ONE requirement, you have to be using Fruity Loops Studio. I dont care what edition as long as it can open flp. files, im fine. Now you know that the demo song (right here if you havnt heard it yet) is under the genre dance. That is the prominent genre and it will stay mostly dance HOWEVER i do not want only dance music in this project! I want trance, progressive trance, metal, miscellaneous, orchestral, drum and bass, even some jazz or funk! I want ALL genres in this project! Of course i will have the final edit of the song so I will change things around but know that everything you send me at will be edited before being placed in the colab BUT it WILL be in the colab.

Oh by the way,
I will update this post daily so check back often.
Continue reading below for more information.

Helpful Tips

Get Windows Live or more commonly known as MSN if you dont already have it.
Why? Because its more than likely i will want all the contributing artists to be able to talk to each other in one group some time during production and its easier to talk to the other artists that way.

Get winRAR.
Why? Because most of you wont have all the samples and whatnot used in the song so we send the zip file to each other so that you get all the stuff with it.

Ask questions!
Why? Becuase its smart


Why am i doing this? Because i think it would sound cool and be fun.

Is this a contest of some sort? Nope, im doin this all just for fun and its totally up to you to help or not.

Is this some sort of major NG event? No and i hope the moderators dont think so because they would get all pissy.

I dont have the VSTs OR samples your using! What do i do now? Now, there are three solutions to this. You can:
A-Get the VSTs AND the samples (recommended)
B- Get the VSTs but NOT the samples and have the other artists send you versions of the song through a zipped file
C- Dont get any of the VSTs or samples and just try your best to work with what you have (WARNING: If you do it this way it is likely that your version will be dramaticly changed for the final edition)

Current artists that have contributed or are currently contributing:


Current Status As of 3:41PM east time

Work continues to be making no progress, im considering closing the colab.

Will return at...

2010-02-10 01:00:37 by Etox

Hello you!
Yes you! The people that dont read anything i post.
anyway, im going away from NG for a while, gonna develop some styles and stuff. probobly leaving this place all together seeing how im not getting anywhere popularity wise and if i did here on NG no record company cares about ng.
well ill be back sometime sooner or never.
-etox... for now, im probobly changing my name too
PS: if your going to post a comment saying theres no chance im gonna get a record deal, your right, no respectful record company would ever even spit at the quality of most of the songs on ng, including the ones i have uploaded for you all to sample my work. i have not uploaded all my songs or my best because i know ng kids only like generic dance and nothing else.

Demos demos demos!

2010-01-26 18:27:32 by Etox

So, like apparently EVERYONE else, i have writers block... kinda. I have 2 unfinished songs that i have just run out of ideas for.
Here are the demos
Demo One
Demo Two
As for my song Etox... also at a big hault. I have ideas for the song just trying to find ways to fit them in. Its gonna be a while for etox...
Anyway check out the demos and my lastest song, Angel in the Night!

Well its about time!

2010-01-23 21:20:07 by Etox

I finished a song! YAY!
AND me and DanceNation are still working on that colab, but he claims to have writers block T.T
As for my demo song, having some trouble so i cant really give you a release date just yet.
Oh ya, before i forget heres my new song!

Work work work work work AND school work!

2010-01-13 22:06:15 by Etox

Hey you! You there!
So mabey you liked the demo, yes no? Anywho that might be the only song i finish for quiet a while BECAUSE of....... my laptop. I'm working on a great trance song but its SO great that my computer can't handle the pads and strings and such. So for now I'm going to finish the song you heard a demo of, a colab with DanceNation, and another original song. Once I get a better computer, the song that is too rough on my computer is what I will finish first.

Then on top of all this I have school work! LOTS! So I don't get much time for music but everytime i get a chance I work on a little of somthing.

Anyway, don't worry I'm bringing new stuff soon so keep your eye out!


Info and what to expect

2009-12-29 13:35:38 by Etox

Alright! My first post on NG! Cheers!
Some info about me? Ok, I have about 1 year of experience making music. I started using FL Studio 8 Producers Edition but I have now upgraded to FL9.My prominent genres are dance, trance, and progressive trance. My email/msn is so if you want to colab, share techniques, or just talk catch me up there.
What to expect? Well i'm sure 99.9% of you are familiar with the artist Envy. I might make some songs with his style. I'm not sure if many of you know DJ-HLS but I like some of his progressive trance. I have MANY of my own styles and techniques.

My first demo is out, click here to hear it!